As she prepares for the EP launch of her EP Get Up and Go, Oxford singer-songwriter Joely Reynolds tells us about her 'mellow' music

My music has always been true to myself.

Lyric writing is my way of expressing my own perspectives and opinions.

I learnt guitar when I was 10 and have been performing ever since. My first performance was at the Jacqueline Du Prè music building at St Hilda’s College when I was 10.

My influences have come from the likes of Taylor Swift, Gabrielle Aplin, Amy Winehouse, Fleetwood Mac and Lianne La Havas.

I studied music at college instead of A-levels, where I met the people who now play with me as my band and my producer. My first EP was made up of songs I’d written over the course of a couple of years, aged 17-19. I wrote a lot about my mood and young relationships. It was a time I felt I grew and experienced so much, and my music grew with me.

My debut single, Clay City, was released on iTunes in aid of Oxford Homeless Pathways which helps homeless people in Oxford.

My recent music has been more reflective on the possibilities of the future – growing into an adult and finding my way. I’ve written about the urge to fly the nest and find my own independence.

My lyrics have a certain relatability that I think resonates with people listening. Quite often I say things how they are; straight forwardly. I think people listen and go ‘yeah, I’ve felt like that before’ or build their own picture and story in their heads. This is my aim for those who hear my music.

When I play live, it’s so much fun because the songs are really brought to life with the full band.

Although it’s chilled and most of the time mellow, there’s a certain edge that comes with the rhythm in the drums and bass.

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We like to chuck in a cover or two as well, it’s lovely to get people singing along.

My gig tonight at The Mad Hatter, in Iffley Road is going to be a cosy and chilled evening, celebrating the launch of my two new tracks. My last EP launch at the O2 Oxford was bigger scale, more of a show, more dramatic.


I wanted the Mad Hatter gig to feel more like friends hanging out and enjoying music. No real barrier between the stage and audience ad with people being able to wander in for free.

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Cocktails will be available, People can sit and enjoy the quirky atmosphere and, importantly, the new tunes!

I’ve always been a central Oxford girl and I live just down the road from the Mad Hatter. At 19, I’m now looking to expand and take my music somewhere new.

* Joely launches Get Up & Go at the Mad Hatter, in Iffley Road, at 8pm on Thursday, December 5. Entry is free.