This week’s camera club theme was magic, and yet again everyone was creative and imaginative with their entries.

From the magic in nature to photography that captured the fictional stories of Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, the camera club offerings were magical.

As November draws to a close and Christmas is not far away, lights are being turned on. In the Open Market we can see some magical lights and the Alice in Wonderland lanterns brightening up the winter months. Ian White has taken a great picture of the caterpillar sliding over the magical toadstool, with the Christmas lights sparkling in the background.

A magic-making magician was also snapped at the Templars Square Christmas lights event, by Simon Logan.

And you couldn't have a magic theme in this day and age without a respectable number of Harry Potter references.

We saw Harry flying on a broomstick and house elf Dobby looking disgruntled in a shop window.

There was even a well-timed shot of 'Harry Potter’s owl' Hedwig by Bryan Robertson and another beautiful owl by Denis Gurden.

Mary Poppins landing with her umbrella was also sent in by Eric Denton.

An overwhelming amount of entries captured the magic of nature, with one of our personal favourites being Linda Robertson's orchid. Take a look at Linda’s photograph and see if you can spot the bird hidden within the image.

Other great and magical pictures of the natural world include butterflies, a rare black squirrel and also a close up of dew drops.

A magical and moody winter Bagley Woods looks like a picture from a mystical forest and fits perfectly with the theme of magic.

Another moody and magical picture is of the sun setting, taken by Andy Smith, showing an orange and red sky with black surroundings making it look mystical.

Perhaps he most magical picture of them all was a picture taken by Mark Guschtscha. His is a rare capture of an empty city centre with no traffic in sight - all that’s left is a bicycle with an empty backdrop.

This week's winner will be announced tomorrow and next week’s camera club theme is lights, so post your entries to our Facebook page.