ON Monday, Oxford UKSCN (the group behind the Youth Strikes) will be holding an Oxford West and Abingdon election hustings with a focus on environmental and youth issues.

The Lib Dems, Labour and the Conservatives all committed to the date via email.

The Hustings will be at 6pm with a 6.30pm start in the Roysse Room, Guildhall, Abingdon.

EJ Fawcett, Outreach co-ordinator for Oxford UKSCN said: "There are so many young voters and soon to be voters who want to engage with politics and make their vote count."

They added: "If we want the Government to act on climate change then we need to show them that young people are paying attention and that we will hold them accountable. This Government will either be on the right side of history, or there won't be any history to be on the wrong side of."