FOR a 64th year in a row, Oxfordshire's most festive farmyard has decked its halls and is ready to welcome guests.

Appleton Christmas Bar, just outside Oxford, opens today, selling Christmas Trees and everything you need to hang on them.

As usual there will also be reindeer on site for children to pet.

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Owners David and Ione Gow are continuing a tradition started by Mr Gow's grandfather in 1955, when he started selling trees at Oxford Covered market.

The tradition moved to its current location when the current owners opened the Appleton Christmas Barn in the village of Appleton in 2008.

All their trees are locally-sourced, and a few years ago the pair started to plant their own trees in Appleton.


This year they planted more than 4,500 trees of six different varieties.

Back in 1955 it was only the Norway Spruce.

Mr Gow said: "The demand for fresh real Christmas Trees has never been higher with people turning their back on the artificial plastic ones, I am very proud to carry on the tradition in Appleton."

While Mr Gow looks after the trees, Mrs Gow runs the shop selling decorations and Tiny Tim and Bonnie the Reindeer continue to be a family attraction as well.

This year as well they will be recycling the trees after Christmas so customers can return them for shredding.