A JURY has been sent out to decide whether a pair of cousins raped a woman in a city backstreet.

Victor Alvizu, 20, of Green Road, Oxford and Nestor Macias, 37, of Downside Road, Headington, - described by prosecutors as 'predatory males' - both deny any wrong-doing.

They face one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and a further count of attempted rape, which is an alternative count to the rape charge.

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Paul Evans, representing Macias, made his closing speech at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, alleging the sexual activity in Turl Street on May 4 was limited to Alvizu and that it had been consensual.

He said: “It was her body, her choice, she just can’t remember it.”

He urged the jury to compare her account to the CCTV, citing her repeated references during her police interview two days after the incident to being ‘carried away’.

When this was put to her on the witness stand, Mr Evans said she responded: "I never said they carried me, I said we linked arms.” He told jurors: “That’s just simply wrong.”

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On the allegation by the prosecution that the woman was 'obviously' too drunk to give consent given the amount of alcohol she had consumed, Mr Evans denied this was the case.

He said: "If her best mate didn’t realise how drunk she was, what chance did two strangers have of making any accurate assessment of her level of drunkenness."

"Not once did she stumble, sway or stagger. She didn’t even wobble."

During the trial jurors heard from the alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, who claimed she begged the men to stop the attack.

She claimed that she 'started to cry and scream' and said 'please, please, please, please don't, please stop'.

The jury will continue its deliberation on Monday.