A TRIAL into an alleged rape at a city backstreet has entered its closing stages as jurors began to hear final arguments.

In his closing speech to the jury today one defence barrister called the case 'a bit seedy' while prosecutors said the accused men 'deliberately exploited' their drunk victim.

Last week at Oxford Crown Court the trial began for two men charged with attempted rape and rape.

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Victor Alvizu, 20, of Green Road, Oxford and Nestor Macias, 37, of Downside Road, Headington, - described by prosecutors as 'predatory males' - both deny any wrong-doing.

They face one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and a further count of attempted rape, which is an alternative count to the rape charge.

It is alleged that the men attacked a woman - who cannot be named for legal reasons - at Turl Street on May 4.

As the trial neared the final stages this afternoon jurors heard closing speeches from the prosecution and the defence.

Prosecutor Philip Farr told jurors: "It was just over a week ago that I opened the case to you and I hope you will remember that I said the key questions are going to turn on consent, intoxication and the relationships between the two."

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He said that the alleged victim was 'very, very drunk' on the night of the attack and said: "There is ample evidence here that she was not in any fit state to consent."

He said the case was 'not about morality and virtue' or about 'sexual interests or preferences.'

He added: "We live in the 21st century, not the 19th century.

"Young women have the absolute right to go out, have a drink, get drunk even, if that's what they want to do, and she is entitled to protection from rape.

"It is not the position that [the alleged victim] is somehow to be blamed for being drunk."

Meanwhile, defence barrister Jonathan Coode, representing Alvizu, also gave his final speech to jurors today.

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He said of the trial: "It's all a bit seedy this case and distasteful isn't it?"

Mr Coode went on: "I agree with [prosecutor] Mr Farr that this is not a court of morals, it is a court of law.

"Drunken consent is still consent. Regretted consent is still consent."

He went on to say that from a transcript of her cross examination the alleged victim said she didn't remember certain events '66 times.'

Mr Coode also told jurors that the woman did not at first want to report the allegation in part because she was 'jolly drunk.'

Tomorrow, jurors will hear a summing up of the case by presiding Judge Ian Pringle QC before going out to determine their verdicts.

During the trial jurors have heard from the alleged victim who claimed she begged the men to stop the attack.

She claimed that she 'started to cry and scream' and said 'please, please, please, please don't, please stop'.

The two men have also given evidence, denying any wrong-doing from the witness box. Alvizu claimed the woman 'took advantage' of him because of his age.

The trial continues.