IF YOU have to bump into a swarm of bees, where better than just outside the doctors!

The industrious insects will soon be buzzing around Summertown Health Centre after a group of doctors and other medical staff planted 300 bee-friendly plants in front of the building.

They were joined by volunteers from the Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment and Wild Oxfordshire who are spearheading a scheme at Oxford surgeries.

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Plants such as marjoram, hyssop and catmint have been chosen as they flower from March, when queen bees first emerge from the winter slumber, through to October.

Dr Dave Triffitt of Summertown Health Centre said: "We have spent a long time planning this and we are very excited.


"We expect the garden to burst into life and amazing colour next year.

"We hope to attract lots of bees, and to give patients and staff a relaxing environment to enjoy."

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The health centre is also planning to put up an information board next year to explain the pollination project to visitors.

Meanwhile the Wild Oxfordshire team is also planting bee-friendly foliage at St Bartholomew’s Medical Centre in East Oxford and Windrush Medical Practice in Witney.


The scheme is the brainchild of local ecologist Craig Blackwell who ran a successful Bee Healthy project at Chipping Norton Health Centre.

Craig Blackwell and Roselle Chapman, the project’s ecologists, say gardeners can support bees and other insect pollinators by choosing plant species rich in nectar and pollen which will flower from March when the queen bees emerge, through to October.