Dear Sir,

The parking problem in Headington could be resolved overnight.

The field where the Nissen huts were built on the far side of the Eastern Bypass surely could be turned into a hospital park-and-ride.

Traffic lights could be placed and buses could take hospital staff and university staff to work. Some going to JR and others to Churchill, Nuffield, Warneford and university offices on these campuses.

This would free up Horspath Driftway, Holloway and Slade of the dreadful traffic build-up we are all experiencing. I believe this field is owned by one of the colleges, but now is the time for them to help the people who travel from outside the city to be able to park and not congest the hospital car parks, where the visiting patients need to park.

Something or someone has got to give in and resolve this problem now.

Patricia White

Peat Moors