It seems some drivers will never seem to learn the height restriction for vehicles at Botley Road rail bridge.

One lorry driver got stuck beneath the bridge yesterday when he tried to drive through with a bin attachment raised above his vehicle.

Traffic was held up for about 30 minutes while the lorry was freed.

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A quick look at the Oxford Mail archive shows the same problem has been occurring for decades although luckily it appears that no one has been seriously hurt.


In December 1977 we reported an incident at the scene: "Thousands of angry and frustrated motorists were stuck on roads in all directions as the city centre traffic ground to a halt after one lorry became wedged under the railway bridge on Botley Road.

"Traffic stretched from bridge as far back as Seacourt Tower after the mishap.


"Buses dropped passengers off early and in the height of the rush hour, it took an hour to travel less than half a mile.

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"Debris from the crash blocked the road, and some drivers were forced to leave the city and then re-enter another using another route."

Forty years on, in 2017, the same kind of incident caused temporary traffic chaos.

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A Maurice Hill vehicle got stuck under the bridge and a large frame it was carrying fell into the road.

The lorry and frame were later removed, with Thames Valley Police on the scene.