A MAN accused of raping a woman he met online told jurors she 'enjoyed' the intimacy and showed no signs she was not consenting to having sex.

Jurors at Oxford Crown Court heard an account yesterday from Christopher Schubert, who had described himself as a 'big cuddly bear looking for his mate' and is currently on trial for rape and assault.

Prosecutors claim that the 44-year-old of Orchard Close, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, met his victim on match.com before going to her home and raping her.

He denies two counts of rape and two counts of assault by penetration alleged to have occurred in January last year.

As his trial continued at Oxford Crown Court yesterday he took to the witness box for the first time to deny any wrong-doing.

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He told jurors that when he arrived at the woman's Oxfordshire home they watched a movie and kissed, which he referred to as 'French kissing'.

Schubert told jurors that the woman said to him there would not be sex that night but that her tone was 'jovial.'

He said he responded by joking that he had not brought any condoms with him.

Before going upstairs he said they discussed the size of her bed and he told jurors: "She looked at me and said 'oh dear, I have got a small bed, I am not sure we are both going to fit in it.'

"She obviously had not expected me to be as big as I was."

He said they both went upstairs and he laid down first before asking her to join him to see how big the bed was.

The pair then started kissing, he said, before she turned around with her back to him.

Schubert said that the woman then told him to 'chill out' but that her tone 'was not severe'.

After that, he said, she began 'gyrating' against him.

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He said: "She started moaning like she was enjoying it. I started kissing her neck and as I was doing that she started gyrating in front of me and against me."

Jurors were told that after that he performed a sex act on her before having sexual intercourse with the woman.

Defence barrister Ruby Selva asked Schubert if the woman had done anything which made him feel she was not consenting, to which he replied she did not.

Asked if he would have continued if she had he said he would not have.

Jurors also heard of some of the earlier exchanges between Schubert and his alleged victim before the incident.

In one of these he sent her a picture of a cockerel, he said, apparently referring to the practice of sending a 'dick pic' to a potential partner.

They also discussed a sexual practice known as 'speed boating' as well watching porn movie Debbie Does Dallas.

He claimed these and other exchanges first via match.com and then via text message were 'jovial' in tone and were 'general banter.'

He said he thought the communication was 'a bit naughty and a bit flirty.'

Schubert denies all counts and the trial continues.