OXFORD United have pledged to stand in solidarity with an under-9s player who has been diagnosed with leukaemia.

Tomorrow's match between the U's women's team and Abingdon United is another chance to raise money for Fenton's Fight, in honour of academy player Fenton Tutty.

The youngster recently signed for the U's after spending 18 months in the pre-academy, but was diagnosed with the condition this summer.

United boss Karl Robinson has already recorded a message to send to Fenton's family, while Dan Harris, head of United's academy, has visited the youngster.

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Mr Harris said: “The first team manager has been outstanding. He’s a huge hearted man who is fiercely committed to family and when I spoke to him about it, he couldn’t wait to record a message to send to the family and they were hugely appreciative.

He added: “Anyone that has been through this knows how challenging it can be. The family are fantastically positive in the sense they’re going to go through this day-by-day together and we will stand with them.

"Fenton is a young man we are so proud of and we hope to see him back on the pitch sooner rather than later.”

Fenton's Fight raises money for charities CLIC Sargent, Team Mikayla and Rosie’s Rainbow. Entry to the match, at Abingdon's Northcourt Road ground, is free but fans are asked to give generously.