I READ with interest Oxford City Council member Tom Hayes' car-free remarks in the paper recently.

Nice idea, but as with all ideas like this, they are totally unworkable.

Car-free day: imagine a carer saying to their client: "Sorry, it's a car-free day – I can't come to you or my other clients, you'll have to get yourself up and dressed, get your own meals and medication from chemist. Oh sorry you're out of it, but I still can't come. Oh, can you put yourself to bed too? Thanks. Maybe see you tomorrow if the horse's foot is better."

Mind you, most roads are only fit for horse and cart.

If you live where buses are ten-a-penny, fine – most folk don't. We have three car-free days each week, and as I have mobility problems I need my husband to take me shopping, and there's a limit to what I can carry in my walker bag and basket.

When he worked, he could not have done his job without his work van (or car before being issued with a van) as it meant three or four different exchanges per day.

Volunteer Link Up is vital for hospital trips for the incapacitated or isolated patients.

Sorry – car-free days will not work I'm afraid, especially for shift workers – no buses from here at 9pm for a 9.30pm – 8.30am shift at a care home or hospital. A friend has one bus a week.

So before you go closing roads, think long and hard.

Incidentally, we breathe out carbon dioxide – a pollutant. Now there's a thought – perhaps a breath-free day is in order?

Sorry, but!

Dorothy Holloway

Wenrisc Drive

Minster Lovell