THE Oxford Mail (Thursday, July 18) makes some good points about the state of local democracy.

Councillor Mick Haines reminds us how much time and money is being wasted on worsening Access to Headington – particularly for walkers, cyclists and public transport users.

A short-term fix would be increasing car parking spaces for workers and patients at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Obviously cutting trees, whether they're replaced or not, makes everything worse. Will the county council ever admit it's wrong?

Tongue-in-cheek Bruce Ross-Smith bemoans too little, too late at Bullingdon Community Centre leading to smaller society. East Oxford is not a Tardis and the community association needs our support now!

Sophie Grubb covers the vital issue that threatens us all with a picture of the Lord Mayor taken by the other independent councillor.

Pupils are striking for climate action. Friday, September 20, is also a global day of action supported by our trade unions.

Andy Gibbons, Unite Community Activist,

Weyland Road, Oxford