A SPORTSMAN who battled anxiety after being put into foster care as a toddler has set his sights on the Olympics – but he needs help.

A rallying cry has come from ice hockey player Marlon Williams who is vying for the chance to audition for the national Jamaican team.

The Kidlington resident, who used to play for Oxford City Stars, says his passion for ice hockey is what got him through a turbulent childhood.

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He said: “I have many passions in life and ice hockey is one of them.

“It it one thing that has always been there to help me along the way through the good times and the bad.

“It’s that feeling of stepping out onto the ice and being part of a team that has always helped the anxiety that I suffer to just disappear.”

Mr Williams, who plays for several teams including Oxford University, says he believes his anxiety dates back to being taken into care as a ‘child at risk’ aged three.

Despite his friends thinking of him as ‘a smiley, larger than life’ character, he said he had always struggled with self esteem and often hid his feelings.


The player, who has a parent of Jamaican heritage, is dedicated to turning his passion into something even more positive and has plans to head overseas for the Jamaica team try-outs.

His dream is to make the squad, and then one day take them to the Olympics – but first he needs the money to get the Jamaica.

Writing on a fundraising web page he said: “I have been extremely lucky to have been part of some great teams over the years across the UK and recently I came across an article about the Jamaican Ice Hockey team holding try-outs.

“It made a light go on in my head and I knew I had to try and get there.

“However I recently had the bad luck of losing my photography job at a few venues I covered each week, so this has taken a toll financially but also hit my confidence.”

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Mr Williams is hoping to raise £3,000 to cover flights, accommodation, insurance and a replacement kit for his which is ‘worn out’ at nine years old.

He added: “Obviously the priority would be to get me there and I could play in any kit if it just gives me the chance.”


The Jamaican team is letting Mr Williams and one other hopefuls try-out at a tournament in Florida on September 4, with the chance to play in the tournament if successful.

The aim is to make the team and in the future get the chance to compete in the olympics as Team Jamaica.

The player has currently raised £527 in five days from 19 donors, one commenting “Go Marlon, You are a star.”

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