OXFORD Labour is now an 'unequivocally' pro-remain, after a branch vote on Brexit.

At a 'packed' all-member meeting, attended by Oxford East MP Anneliese Dodds, party activists voted for a 'major shift' in policy.

The motion, proposed by former Oxford City Council leader John Tanner, 'commits the party, in opposition and in government, to seek a People's Vote on Brexit with an option to remain in the EU, and to campaign unequivocally to remain in the EU'.

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The motion passed won by 78 votes to 49.

Councillor Tanner, who represents Littlemore, explained: “It is becoming increasingly clear that Brexit cannot be delivered. People were sold a false promise by the Tories.

"I’m thrilled that Oxford Labour Party is calling for a People’s Vote on any deal made with the rest of Europe. Labour is listening to local residents (and) is all too aware of the damage Brexit is already doing to the car factory, the university and the health service in Oxford.”

The motion was drafted before Labour's national policy shift towards remain, which was announced last week.

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Ms Dodds did not respond to a request for comment. However, she has been among a group of MPs calling itself 'Love Socialism, Hate Brexit', who have publicly called for a strengthening of Labour's commitment to remain.

The Friday evening meeting follows a number of senior local councillors warning that results in the recent European Parliament elections, showing a swing in Oxford to the Liberal Democrats, could pose a serious threat to Labour's current majority on the council.

Meanwhile, a new campaign group, Remain Labour Oxford, held a recent launch rally at St Anne's College, addressed by Oxford academic and commentator Will Hutton.

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However, the party remains split on the issue, with a number of MPs and activists suggesting it could lose votes to pro-Leave group, notably the Brexit Party, by pivoting to a more pro-EU stance.

But remain backer Andy Rimmer, who seconded the motion, said: "Oxford's new position is still ahead of the latest national policy change, and in line with motions now being passed by hundreds of local parties across the country, which we can expect to hear debated at the party conference in September.

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"Oxford Labour are now rejecting the idea of a so-called 'jobs-first Brexit' which a new Labour government might try to negotiate and put to the people.

"We are saying unequivocally that Brexit in any form is a right-wing project deeply inimical to the progressive agenda of national reform and renewal which we urgently need."

Next Saturday, hundreds of pro-EU Oxford activists are due to travel to London for a national pro-Remain demonstration, called the March for Change, ending in a rally in Parliament Square.