THOUSANDS of people flocked to the Headington Summer Funday on Saturday where they enjoyed free food, live entertainment and interactive games.

The 'totally free' funday, which was organised by Headington Baptist Church, saw up to 3,000 people come together at Bury Knowle Park for a host of summer fun.

People could indulge in home-made cake, tea and a BBQ which was all provided by local churches and local businesses.

Children had fun playing games in the 'centre games’ area where they could play tug of war, water balloon volleyball and duck duck goose with a twist.

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Old-fashioned games were also played at the event and guitarist and singer, Ben Judson, and saxophonist, Jurrie Eisinga, performed a few songs for the crowds.


James Bloice-Smith, minister at Headington Baptist Church, said it was a ‘beautiful afternoon’.

He said: “It was hard to estimate how many people would come but we gave out 1,000 programmes and in the end there was between 2,000 and 3,000 people. There were lovely people and it was a beautiful afternoon.”

Around 120 volunteers from local churches helped to make the fun day a success by helping to run stalls and activities.

Nick Jackson, from Headington Baptist Church, helped run the centre games.

He said: “I ran the centre games activities where parents and children could get involved. We played games like water balloon volleyball, tug of war and dip dip splash which is like duck duck goose, but you pour a bucket of water on the person’s head when they get picked instead.

“Everyone was together and the overall atmosphere was great. We all had a great time.”


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The fun day, now in its 14th year, is held annually on the Saturday before the end of the school year and according to Mr Bloice-Smith, the announcement of the date the event will be held is always anticipated by local people each year.

He said the aim of the day is to allow families to spend quality time together in a safe environment.

The minister said: “There was a lovely atmosphere and our number one aim was to provide a safe space for families to come and enjoy.

"We also aimed to build social capital in the area by getting all the local churches – both new and traditional – to work together.”

The minister also hopes the funday has given churches some exposure.


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He added: “The programme that we created had details of activities and services that local churches provide.

"Hopefully people who enjoyed the funday will explore other activities provided by churches that they may like their children to go to such as youth clubs.”