A TV production company is looking for families in Oxford with more than six children to star in its next show.

Knickerbockerglory, the makers of GPs Behind Closed Doors and the Gypsies Next Door is casting for its next documentary.

The primetime programme, filming this July and August, will aim to tell the real stories of some of the country's largest families, including – the makers hope – some in Oxford.

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Producer Alexandra Fitton said: "The documentary will look to explore behind the headlines discussing the topics of over crowding, the housing crisis, shortage of affordable housing and how this is having such and impact on large families in a number or different ways.

"In an addition to this do they feel as a result of their situation are their neighbours feeling under pressure? Is it causing tension on the street?"

Anyone interested in joining the show is asked to email their name and details to nextdoor@knickerbockerglory.tv or call 07720694785.