AN Oxford internet sensation has hit half a million views on her blog - completing a remarkable journey from pre-teen Oxford University wannabe to admissions process guru.

Tilly Rose, 26, set her sights on going to Oxford aged just 10 and now finds herself at the heart of a worldwide brand helping others reach the institution.

Miss Rose’s ‘That Oxford Girl’ blog has now amassed more than 507,000 hits since it began in September 2016.


Since then, the Jesus College alumna has published a book of the same name, and accrued more than 31,000 Instagram followers - averaging 150,000 impressions a week.

The first of her family to go to University, the English Literature and Language graduate overcame a series of serious health problems to complete her studies, but is now focussing on her brand - which also boasts 70 student ambassadors, some of whom were accepted to Oxford after reading the blog.

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Miss Rose explained: “Aged 10, I came on a little day out to Oxford with my parents and we stumbled across a sign on Broad Street, outside Balliol College, that said ‘the public can look around’... (after going in) I turned around to Mum and Dad and said ‘I’m going here’.

“I was totally in awe of the place, but no one in my family had ever been to university, I was at a state school and I was told not to bother applying to university because I was too ill to go.”

Now a London-based access activist, she is in Oxford every week and focussing on the brand full time.

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Its success comes against a backdrop of heavy criticism for Oxford, which has been widely denounced for not admitting enough students from diverse backgrounds.

She added: “When I started, I’d been completely shocked by the disparity in help that young people received (in) the application process.”


Though getting a place was ‘an absolute dream come true’, that disparity drove her to start the non-profit blog. The free ‘powerful access resource’s popularity was 'unexpected' - but now her dream is to make the brand ‘completely self sustaining’, while keeping a fun tone and student perspective.

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Miss Rose has also recently been given a place of the ‘pre-accelerator women’s programme with Oxford Foundry, which aims to support and empower entrepreneurs.

For a full profile of Miss Rose, see next week’s Oxford Times.