THIS is a copy of the first 999 call played to the jury panel as the trial of Shahidul Jabbar began at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, as read by prosecutors.

Call one: 8.21pm, July 19

Operator: Ambulance emergency.

Jabbar: Hello, hiya. She is bleeding darling, CIA general, I have got more [inaudible] to do.

Operator: Sorry?

Jabbar: She is bleeding, I hit her with a hammer, she is bleeding internally, lots of blood is coming out. It is your house and no commercial taxis will be given to me.

Operator: What is your address?

Jabbar: [He gives the full address]. James Bond here. I did my first murder. It’s my first murder. I’m James Bond, Shahidul Jabbar. [He repeats the address].

Operator: Which town?

Jabbar: It's in Oxford, it's quite bad. OK, thank you, cheers, bye-bye.

Operator: Please stay with me. Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?

[The operator requests the phone number]

Call ends.