TWO men caught in a police raid on a city centre drugs den have been sentenced.

Officers stormed into the flat at Friars Wharf, Oxford, shortly before 9am on July 14, 2017, finding a haul of drugs totalling about £8,780.

Adam Bloor, 36, the tenant of the flat, and Ryan Hursey, 26, of Derwent Drive, Slough, were caught inside and sentenced for their role in the drug dealing enterprise at Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

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In body camera footage of the raid, officers were seen using a ramming tool to smash the lower panel of a doorway before ducking underneath to get inside.

Once there, three men and a woman were found inside – including Bloor and Hursey along with about £8,780 worth of drugs.


Also inside the house, which was described as untidy with various items of rubbish strewn about, were two packages which police seized, suspecting drugs to be found inside.

After analysing the contents, police found Class A drugs – crack and heroin – worth a total of about £8,780.

The stash of drugs was made up of one package of heroin totalling 14.7g, worth about £1,800 on the street, and another made up of 44.4g of cocaine, said to be worth about £5,340.

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Officers found a further 67 cling film wraps of crack cocaine, weighing 11g and worth about £1,300, as well as 34 cigarette paper wraps of heroin weighing 2.76g and worth about £340.

Hursey - who played a ‘significant role’ in the dealing, admitted two counts of possession with intent to supply cocaine and heroin.

Bloor admitted one count of permitting premises to be used in the supply of Class A drugs.

Hursey was jailed for 32 months while Bloor was handed a community order for two years to include drug rehabilitation and 20 rehabilitation activity days.