DOZENS of people have defended Witney Music Festival following complaints that this year's event was too loud.

Residents from across the town weighed in with their views after Richard Langridge, a district councillor for Witney North, highlighted the issue on the social networking site nextdoor.

The majority of the 76 people who had responded by Monday afternoon supported the festival, which took place on The Leys on June 14 and 15.

But Mr Langridge, who called the event 'fantastic', said 'a number' of residents had mentioned to him that it had 'become far too loud and obtrusive'.

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He said: “It’s very easy for people living in Deer Park and Madley Park to say it’s not so much of a problem.

“When you live closer it’s a little different. As long as they watch the decibel levels and finish on time then there’s no issue.”

The councillor added: “I think the music festival is fantastic and anything that showcases the town in this way is a good thing.”

Several residents agreed, with many arguing that the event's impact on Witney's cultural and music scene outweighed any negatives, while others paid tribute to the 'amazing' atmosphere during the festival weekend.

One person added: "It generates income for Witney and puts us on the map."

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Festival chairman, Eric Marshall, revealed organisers received one noise complaint on Friday evening, but suggested this was due to the music played by Prodigy tribute band Jilted Generation.

He said: "On the Friday, Jilted Generation had a lot of bass in their music and that sound carries in a different way.

“Sometimes it just depends on which way the wind is blowing.”

Mr Marshall added that organisers monitored the volume levels 'all the time' and the sound was kept 30 decibels below the maximum allowed by their license.

He also revealed that the festival had started using suspended speakers in recent years, which allow the sound to carry and keep the volume low.

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He added: “People are really starting to see how this is a community event and how many people get enjoyment from it.

“A lot of people say ‘yes, it’s loud, but it stops dead on 11pm and only happens once a year’.

“We’re always very respectful of people in the community. We drop leaflets before the event to let people know it’s on.

“We monitor sound all the time and take all reasonable precautions to ensure it isn't excessive.”

The festival chairman also revealed fireworks at previous editions of the event had attracted 'seven or eight' complaints.

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This year's festival is believed to have attracted record numbers, surpassing the 15,000 people who flocked to The Leys last year.

After Jilted Generation topped the bill on the first evening, headliners Republica and N-Trance wowed crowds on the Saturday.

As always, several young Oxfordshire artists had the chance to play in front of thousands, with a BBC Introducing stage returning for the second consecutive year.