EXTINCTION Rebellion has revealed plans to throw a ‘street party’ on Cornmarket Street in Oxford.

A member of the group – which stages protests calling for government action on climate change – posted on the public Facebook group Oxford Community and asked how he could get in touch with the ‘busking community’ to avoid disruption 'one Saturday'.

He said: “We are planning an impromptu street party on Cornmarket one Saturday morning outside Barclays Bank, potentially involving some disruption to the bank but that’s not what I’m asking about now.”

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He explained: “What I’d like to avoid is disruption to buskers.

“Last time we did this one busker got annoyed because he had set up his complicated tightrope act and then had to move as we were too close. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the busking community so we can coordinate with them.”

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AJ Fisherman wrote: “Why not go down one of the backstreets? Why do you feel the need to ‘disrupt’? What about the 1000s of people that actually work that you could be affecting? Am i missing something or even your point?”

Organiser Ben Kenward said: “This won’t be disruptive to anyone on Cornmarket, except potentially buskers, if we don’t take steps to avoid that. We don’t take pleasure in disrupting the general public.

"We do it as a last resort because according to mainstream peer-reviewed science, we are heading for about three or four degrees of global heating in the life-times of many alive today.”