INMATES serving time in Oxford Prison said the food on offer was the best they've ever had.

In April 1980, the jail was catering for double the 130 men it was built to hold but those locked up felt the grub more than made up for the cramped conditions.

Catering officer Richard Nutt said: "We often hear them say it's the best food they've had anywhere in prison."

On the menu that day was a choice of liver, cottage pie or chicken supreme for lunch, followed by cheeseburger, egg, tomatoes and onions for tea.

Between meals Mr Nutt and his team prepared special meals for the vegetarians and those with dietary needs while baking 85 loaves of bread a day.

Prison governor Bernard Frisby stressed they had the same budget for food as all other prisons and put the success down to a good working atmosphere in the kitchen.

He did however complain that having to sample every meal wasn't helping his waistline.