A MOTHER from Abingdon is concerned about the safety of her children after smoke came out her son's Xbox controller.

Amy Smith, 28, who has three children, said her eight-year-old son Oscar is now terrified to play the console again.

She said: "I was upstairs when Oscar shouted "Mum my Xbox controller is on fire" and at first I didn't believe him until I went down and saw smoke coming out of the controller."

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The mother said she contacted the Xbox customer service team and was told to send the controller back.

She said: "They don't care about what happened. What would have happened if my son was asleep and it caught fire? If it did set alight it could have scarred him for life."

Ms Smith said the person she spoke to at Xbox asked her if the controller was an 'Xbox elite' controller.

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She said: "The fact that she said this leaves me to believe that there is potentially a fault with the controllers. I don't think I'll ever turn the Xbox on again."