A FAMILY including a one and a half-year-old baby had a lucky escape when a car smashed into the front of their house in Kidlington.

The 23-year-old mother, who has asked not be named, heard a loud bang before a car crashed into the living room of her house on Cherwell Avenue at around 10am on Thursday.

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Luckily, her brother shouted ‘run’, and grabbed her daughter before they ran into the kitchen, avoiding the car’s impact.


Her partner, 32-year-old Aaron Thorn, was getting a haircut at his local barbers when the crash happened and received a call from her.

He said: “She called me but I ignored it because she knew I was at the barber. She called a second time so I picked up the phone. The first thing she said was: ‘A car has come through our house.’”

Mr Thorn, who manages a taxi firm, left the barber straight away with half a haircut and went to the house which is around five minutes away.


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He said: “At first I was angry but the main thing was that no one was hurt. If it had been two minutes earlier, my daughter and brother would have been hit because they were near the front door.”

He believes the car must have clipped the curb and gone over his neighbour’s hedge before planting into the front of the house, as the hedge did not appear to be mowed down.

The car also hit the car in the driveway which Mr Thorn says lessened the blow.

He said: “The car in the drive was damaged a bit but if it wasn’t there, the car’s impact would’ve been a lot worse."


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The driver - who lives on the same street - appeared to be fine, and police arrived 30 to 40 minutes later and carried out checks on him, including a breathalyser test which Mr Thorn said he passed.

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The driver, who Mr Thorn said ‘seemed quite calm’ after the incident, later recovered the car from the driveway with a few of his friends but did not say anything to Mr Thorn or his family.