CAMPAIGNERS for a People's Vote on Brexit will be out in force in Oxford this weekend.

Groups will be urging shoppers to back their campaign as part of a national day of action.

They will be holding stalls in Cornmarket Street both Saturday and Sunday, chatting to voters ahead of the European Parliamentary elections next week.

Oxford For Europe campaigners are hoping to encourage voters 'back to parties which want a People's Vote' when casting their ballot on May 23.

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An extension to the Brexit deadline – granted by the European Union -- until the end of October, means the UK is now taking part in the European Parliamentary elections, as a member of the EU.

Colin Gordon, a spokesperson for Oxford for Europe, which supports the People’s Vote Campaign, said: "This week we have been shocked to learn that Oxford Community Hospital is closing.

"This is a major blow to our NHS and a direct effect of Brexit. If we give our votes to Brexiter parties on May 23, the whole NHS could be at risk.

"The People’s Vote Campaign is not a political party and it would be wrong for us to tell people which specific party to vote for.

"We are supportive of those parties which have a clear commitment in these elections to the public having a final say on Brexit."

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He added: "A People’s Vote is not an option in this Brexit crisis, it is the solution to the crisis.

"Giving the public the final say is ultimately the only way to deliver a stable settlement that can command the confidence of both Parliament and the country."

The day of action in Oxford is part of a wider campaign on Saturday across the country.

The groups will be in Cornmarket from 11am to 1pm both Saturday and Sunday.