It feels like we’ve arrived at a sound now,” says Kristan Harvey, one of three fiddlers with Orkney roots band Fara. “And we’re pretty chuffed with how that comes across. We wanted the whole thing to be self-written, a new body of Orcadian music.”

Fara are among the freshest sounding groups to have emerged on Scotland’s folk scene in recent years. They have only been writing and recording together since 2014, but fiddlers Kristan, Jeana Leslie and Catriona Price and pianist Jennifer Austin have been honing their sound ever since they grew up together amid the splendid surrounds of the Orkney Islands.

Following their 2016 debut album, the supremely talented four-piece are ready to unveil their second long player Times From Times Fall – a celebration of their homeland packed with self-composed tunes and songs primarily drawn from the words of Orcadian poets.

Developing the vibrant arrangements, rich harmonies, energetic fiddles, driving piano and stunning vocals heard on Cross The Line two years ago, latest album Times From Times Fall saw the band co-writing many of the tunes’ melodies.

They found working together in one room to be a wonderful team-building experience, and one which gave rise to new and different ideas. That included using the three fiddles in a manner almost akin to how they already employ vocal harmonies, adding further layers and texture to their sound.

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In addition to three writing retreats, some of the music had its genesis on the road in America, as the band spent several weeks touring across the pond prior to recording just outside Edinburgh, in June.

All four musicians found working with top Scottish folk guitarist Anna Massie as producer and studio owner Stuart Hamilton as engineer to be a warm and rewarding experience.

Inspirational themes range from Orkney’s emigration history and scientist James Clark Maxwell’s discoveries to Jeana’s propensity to add extra letters to words (The Depliction) and her childhood confusion at Catriona’s German mother’s use of the word “nein”.

Get ready to be charmed when the self-styled sisterhood play The North Wall in north Oxford on Wednesday: a taste of the northern isles in landlocked Summertown.

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