A MAN alleged to have slashed his ex-girlfriend across the forehead with a kitchen knife in a jealous rage has gone on trial.

Graham Lewis, of Milton Road in Cowley, sat in the dock of Oxford Crown Court yesterday as his former partner described the moment she claims he attacked her with the six-inch blade.

A jury of 12 people heard how the victim, Natasha Lewis, had previously had a relationship with the defendant and the pair had broken up about three weeks before the alleged attack on November 15, 2018.

Ms Lewis said she was at home with her boyfriend when Mr Lewis started shouting through her letter box wanting to talk. When she refused to let him in, she said he ‘booted the door down’, kicking it ‘about six times’ to get inside.

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As he did so, Ms Lewis said she locked herself and her boyfriend in her bedroom on the ground floor before Mr Lewis then climbed in through the window having gone through the house and into the garden.

She said her boyfriend left the house, and as she went in to the kitchen Mr Lewis followed close behind, grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked her.

Prosecutor Brian Reece said: “She has described him as angry and evil [at that moment] something she was not unaccustomed to.”


Judge Nigel Daly.

Ms Lewis added: “He just grabbed the knife off the side, it was a long silver kitchen knife – the biggest one you get in a block.

“It just happened so quick, he seemed angry (beforehand).

“He just slashed it top to bottom, just one strike.”

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The court was shown pictures of a deep cut down Ms Lewis’s forehead, plus injuries to her cheek and chest.

She continued: “I just screamed and he ran.

“I thought I was going to die, it went straight through to my skull so there was definitely going to be a lot of blood.”

Ms Lewis said the knife was left at her home and had only been found a few weeks ago in the cupboard under the stairs.

The 59-year-old accused is charged with one count of wounding with intent and one count of unlawful wounding.

Mr Lewis has pleaded not guilty to the charges and the prosecution told the jury yesterday that his defence is to argue that he was himself attacked by Ms Lewis.

The trial at Oxford Crown Court is expected to last for up to three days.