A LONG-RUNNING horse show returned this weekend, seeing 200 horses and riders compete and raise money for Oxfordshire charities.

On Sunday the village of Tackley near Kidlington held its 52nd annual horse show.

“I cannot believe how wonderful it all is, children are so happy here," said Hannah Henderson.

Her daughter Mila marked her competition achievements with a celebratory chocolate muffin while still in the saddle.

Mrs Henderson complimented those behind the established event, adding that “it takes really a lot to organize such a wonderful day for so many people”.

“Yes, it is a lot of work indeed, but the organizing committee meets only three times before the event. We are a well-oiled machine,” explained Ruth Henderson, the honourable secretary of the organizing committee.

Tackley Horse Show is a non-profit event which aims to promote a positive horse culture and raise funds for a number of organisations from Tackley and charities across Oxfordshire.

She added: “No one is getting paid. Us here, the judges, stewards, people in the show’s kitchen, we are all volunteers.

"This is possible thanks to Mr and Mrs Peake, who own the land, and great help from so many of our sponsors."

Kay Alty volunteered by judging in five show jumping classes.

For her it is another way of supporting New Yatt Riding for the Disabled, a charity organisation which is in part funded with means raised at local shows like Tackley's.

Tackley Horse Show opens the horse show season in Oxfordshire," she said.

"Most of the classes (potato race, fancy dress or pony the judge would most like to take home) are just for fun and encouragement for children to be around ponies, but as Tackley is also a qualifier for The Sunshine Tour Championship, adult competition gets quite serious."

“I want us to go through all of the course," said rider Grace Shayer, who took Brucy Bonus through the Parkour class in the open jumping competition. "As long as my horse performs well, I’m happy."

Katherine Buckley travelled from Yorkshire to bring her grandchildren to the show.

“In my opinion it is the finest of Britain’s traditions, local shows like this one," she said. "I’m not a great fan of Ascot, it is all about money, but I absolutely love it here.”

“It is one of the best things you can do for your children.

"It encourages hard work, it makes you stay outdoors, it gets you into healthy competition and it makes you care for nature.

"And it keeps you really fit, I’m 85 and never felt better."