A MAN hurled two bricks through the windows of a police station and then sat on the steps waiting to be arrested, Burford Magistrates were told. 

Fifty years ago, in 1969, the man - of the Caravan Wayside in Carterton - pleased guilty to disorderly behaviour and causing wilful damage to windows worth £2. 

He was given a one-month prision sentece, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to pay back the £2. 

Inspector James Frankland was prosecuting, said Alice Black a wife of a policeman was in the police house adjoining the station when she saw the man pass the window holding a brick. 

The court heard how he went up to the police station and threw the brick through the window.

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He returned a few minutes later and threw another brick through the window and then sat on the steps.

Mrs Black heard him saying: “I am waiting for them to come and arrest me.”

PC Ian Black returned later and found the man on the steps shouting and swearing.

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The man admitted the offence and he was taken to the charge room where he picked up a chair and tried to throw it through another window.

A violent struggle took place before he was locked up.

The man later said he was out of work for a week because of the weather and had spent all his time in the pub.

“I was on the cider.” He said.