THIS week, we brought you the statistics on how many crimes were reported in Oxford last year and what they were.

But of the 5309 crimes recorded in central Oxford alone, how many were solved?

The most prevalent type of crime recorded by Thames Valley Police were ‘Violence and sexual offences’.

Between February 2018 and January 2019, 1154 of such offences were recorded - almost 22% of total crimes in the area.

Bike theft was another common crime, making up nearly 15% of all recorded crime in the central Oxford policing area, which includes the city centre but not areas such as Headington or Cowley.

The breakdown

  • No further action was taken in more than two thirds of crimes in the area last year. Almost seven in ten offences recorded - 3273 in total - went unpunished.
  • A further 18% are still under investigation.
  • It means that only 13 per cent of crimes saw someone either identified or arrested by police and then dealt with by officers or through the courts. 
  • Police say that 2566 investigations were 'completed' with no suspect found - 54% of all crimes recorded.
  • Just 84 prison sentences were made. 

See pie chart below


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