By Greg Ritchie

Over the course of one year nearly 5309 crimes were recorded in central Oxford alone, according to the latest data from Thames Valley Police.

The statistics can be determined as official police crime logs record the longitude and latitude of each offence committed.

Using this data, it is possible to construct a ‘crime map’ for Oxford Central, which is the policing area for the centre of the city.

This includes the heart of the city, but excludes areas including Summertown, Headington and Cowley.


But what is the most common crime in central Oxford?

The most prevalent type of crime recorded by Thames Valley Police were ‘Violence and sexual offences’.

Between February 2018 and January 2019, 1154 of such offences were recorded - almost 22% of total crimes in the area.

The latest statistics do show a slight drop as the year progresses though, with the latest month for which records exist displaying the lowest amount of recorded offences.

The next most common crimes are theft-based, with bicycle theft particularly high.


The breakdown 

  • Violence and sexual offences 1154 offences, 21.74% of all crimes recorded
  • Other theft 796 offences, 14.99%
  • Bicycle theft 772 offences, 14.54%
  • Anti-social behaviour 583 offences, 10.98%
  • Shoplifting 412 offences, 7.76%
  • Theft from the person 374 offences, 7.04%
  • Public order offences 308 offences, 5.80%
  • Criminal damage and arson 286 offences, 5.39%
  • Drugs 243 offences, 4.58%
  • Burglary 112 offences, 2.11%
  • Vehicle crime 108 offences, 2.03%
  • Other crime, 61 offences, 1.15%
  • Robbery, 52 offences, 0.98%
  • Possession of weapons, 48 offences, 0.90%