A DISCOUNT store that was voted as the second brand that people would most like to see come to the city centre has said that it does not plan to open a store.

Poundland has said its Cowley chain will have to do for now.

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A spokesman said: “We don't have any current plans to open in the centre of Oxford, but we appreciate and note the support.

"We're always looking for new locations but in the meantime, our store in Templars Square, Cowley is not too far away.”

B&M, a discount store, came out on top of a poll on our website as the brand people would most like, with Poundland in second place followed by Greggs, Matalan and Savers.

B&M has said there is a possibility a store could open in Oxford city centre as it is looking to expand in Oxfordshire.

Other discount stores people would like to see include Greggs, Savers and Matalan.