UNTAXED cars have been left on a residential street for months on end, adding to an estate's parking woes.

One resident said she had seen vehicles in groups of four or five left in Little Bury, Blackbird Leys, since November last year.

A check on the Government's website confirmed that the cars either had no MOT or no tax.

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The woman, who asked not to be named, said: "All vehicles have been reported to both the police and DVLA for them to take action, however both have not yet attempted to solve the issue.

"Due to these cars being left, residents have been left with no choice but to park cars 10 minutes away.

"This is not acceptable knowing these cars have no tax, MOT or insurance on them.

"All it takes is one accident."

All vehicles on public roads must be taxed or owners risk an £80 on-the-spot fine.

A Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) can only be applied for if the cars are kept on private land such as in a garage.

Complaints have been made before about large numbers of cars being kept on the streets of the Leys, many of which have no parking restrictions.

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It has previously been thought that people running online car sales businesses have kept cars parked on the streets while they are waiting to be sold.

Chairman of the Blackbird Leys Parish Council John Dillon said he was not aware of the current issue but had previously heard that cars were kept for long periods on Grenoble Road and a large transporter vehicle had been seen moving them around.

He believed this issue had since been dealt with.

The untaxed cars are clogging up the streets and adding to the long-standing estate parking issues.

People have complained of not being able to park near their homes and emergency services may be unable to access some streets due to the problems.

In January, councillor for the area Linda Smith unveiled a £10,000 scheme aimed at solving some of the estate's issues.

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This included residents-only permits introduced to the bays in Druce Way and more restrictions placed on Ashmole Place and Sandy Lane.

Ms Smith tweeted recently to say residents in Druce Way have backed the plans during a consultation and the city council is working with local contractors to get the scheme up and running.