OUR round up of the latest planning applications submitted to Oxford City Council this week includes the plans for the next phase in Barton Park and a university applying to make a temporary block made permanent.

To look at the plans in full visit the planning portal at Oxford.gov.uk 


From the skies: New College Chapel which wants a new shed to tidy up its outside space. Pic from Google Maps

  • WHERE: University of Oxford, Old Road Campus, Roosevelt Drive in Oxford. 

In brief: Oxford University want to keep a temporary building indefinitely. 

As it is, the building must go or be demolished in November, but planners have asked to keep it so that the overflowing numbers of staff can use it as a base for the 'centre of tropical research'. 

Reference: 19/00617/FUL

Read about it in more detail here. 


New Richards Building temporary block to stay. Pic by Google Maps

  • WHERE: New College, Holywell Street in Oxford. 

In brief: Hugh Grant's old college could have a new shed outside in the area where it currently stores sheets, the wine fridge and bikes. 

If it goes ahead the shed will slide in behind the college chapel for seven years. 

Planners say it is needed because 'similar to other old buildings there is a lack of storage'. 

Reference: 19/00618/FUL

Read about it in more detail here. 


  • WHERE: Pembroke College, St Aldate's in Oxford. 

In brief: The Oxford University college, which was founded in 1624, wants to upgrade its underground electricity. 

The LV (low voltage) cabling runs from St. Ebbes Street switch room through the Chapel Quad into Old Quad and onto the Almshouse and Master's Lodgings at Pembroke College. 

Reference: 19/00611/FUL


  • WHERE: Land at Barton northern bypass in Oxford. 

In brief: Plans for the third phase of the Barton Park development have been submitted. 

The plans are for 207 homes with new roads, car parking spaces and pavements and gardens. 

Reference: 19/00518/RES


Pic google maps. 

  • WHERE: Flat 1 at Bursill Close in Oxford. 

In brief: Planners want to revamp a three-bedroom house into two one-bedroom flats. 

Reference: 19/00582/FUL


Pic google maps

  • WHERE: 52 Brickerton Road in Oxford. 

In brief: Planners want to turn an outside garage into a place for somebody to live. 

Plans have already been given the go-ahead by Oxford City Council to build an extension on the back of one of the flats in front of the garage, but nothing has been implemented.

Reference: 19/00502/FUL


Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research. Pic by google maps. 

  • WHERE: The Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research on South Parks Road in Oxford. 

In brief: The building could have two new heating pipes inbetween the buildings if the plans are approved. 

The heating pipes will connect to the underground system and run vertically up past the stairs. 

This will mean that new cladding will be added to hide the new piping. 

It will match the material and colour of the current exterior. 

Reference: 19/00334/FUL