DOZENS gathered at Carfax Tower on Friday evening to pay tribute to the victims of the New Zealand terror attack, which has left 50 people dead.

Dr Sheikh Ramzy, director Oxford Islamic Information Centre, organised the vigil to honor and pray for those killed in the Christchurch mosque shootings.

He said: "All Muslims in Oxford and UK are so concerned that it may happen to their mosque and their families."


Dr Ramzy added: "I received over 100 Whatsapp about this killing from around the world and from some of the friends and family of the victims. Everyone is in shock."

He said more than 100 people from all over Oxfordshire came to support the vigil on Friday from across faith communities, members of the city and county council and universities to 'condemn the evil act and unite against, racism, Islamophobia and Antisemitism.'

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Dr Ramzy said : "These evil act unites us all in brother hood and friendship more that ever and no one can divide us."


Tom Hayes, Oxford City Council executive board member for crime, confirmed on Friday Thames Valley Police would, in line with national steps, have to review the safety situation for Oxford’s Muslim community.

He added he had asked for visible reassurance patrols around mosques and increased engagement by police.