AN Oxford University student was found dead over a week after he had died, an inquest heard.

American Christopher Peel, 28, died at his Forest Road flat in Risinghurst last August.

His decomposing body was found by the police in his living room on August 22 and although it is not known when he died, Coroner Darren Salter said it is likely that it was between August 10 and 15.

Mr Peel had a history of alcohol and substance abuse and had been diagnosed with mental health problems. He was admitted and discharged from Warneford Hospital, a mental health clinic in Oxford, at the beginning of 2018.

He was last seen by his tutor on August 8 and last heard on August 10 by his neighbour who lived in the flat below him.

Mr Catt said in his witness statement that Mr Peel had been shouting and banging on the metal stairs outside his flat, an incident that happened before in May 2018.

After calling the police, who had visited Mr Peel two days before, no action was ‘deemed to be appropriate’ as there was no evidence of criminal involvement or information to suggest he was suicidal.

Due to the severe decomposition of his body, the post mortem report conducted by Professor Lucie Winter concluded that the medical cause of death was unknown but he could have suffered a seizure.