NEW stickers are being displayed in black cabs around Oxford in a bid to stop cyclists from getting hit by car doors.

The city’s cycling campaign group Cyclox has joined forces with COLTA (City of Oxford Licensed Taxicab Association) to launch an awareness campaign.

A sticker is being displayed in about 100 black cabs so that it faces passengers, reminding them to check for cyclists before they open the door of the vehicle.

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Hundreds of cyclists a year suffer the effects of ‘dooring’ when drivers or passengers fail to look over their shoulders or check mirrors before opening the door.


‘Dooring’ is illegal under the Road Traffic Act 1988 and can attract a fine, which bike charity Cycling UK says is inadequate.

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The offence has been criticised by cycling charities including Cycling UK.

The charity says it only allows for a maximum punishment of a £1,000 fine, with no chance of the offender receiving penalty points on their licence or a prison sentence.


COLTA secretary Sajad Khan said: “The sticker informs the passenger to be aware when alighting the cab to ‘look’ over their shoulder before opening the door.

“We’ve heard and witnessed many incidents where people in any vehicle fling open the door in the path of an oncoming cyclists causing them significant injury.

“So we are very pleased to be a part of this initiative and highlight the dangers the cyclists face regarding this issue.

“We will of course continue to work very closely with cyclists and do what we can in supporting them to feel safe on our roads.

“Oxford is a very challenging city in terms of traffic and a very difficult balance is maintained between all the vehicles and cyclists being the most vulnerable of them all. A lot of our drivers also cycle and know the dangers well.”

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Cyclox chairwoman Dr Alison Hill, a retired public health doctor, said: “These stickers are a good way of reminding passengers to check for cyclists before they get out.

“Most cyclists can say they have been ‘doored’ - I was on the Cowley Road and a man in his parked car opened his door into my path.

“The door hit my bike and I fell off - I only suffered minor injuries so it didn’t go any further but injuries can be much more serious.”