‘WHOVIANS’ can now revel in being Doctor Who’s sidekick to help defeat the Cybermen and save the world – all from inside Oxford’s Westgate Centre.

Crowds of fans have been rushing to Escape Hunt Oxford after it launched an official Doctor Who escape room where fans must solve cryptic clues against the clock.

The escape game, Worlds Collide, transports Tardis travellers into the office of eccentric billionaire Alastair Montague.

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There, groups face a battle with of the Time Lord’s oldest enemies the Cybermen after a time travel mishap cause a tear in the very fabric of space and time.

Puzzlers are locked in the room for 60 minutes and challenged to find clues and objects to solve riddles which will ultimately save the world.

Organisers say the game has already been hugely popular with people keen to help Doctor Who Jodie Whitaker take on the robot hordes.

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Teams of up to six people can take on the challenge of closing the tear before the Cybermen break through.


The game has been created in partnership with BBC Studios and as such promises authentic Doctor Who-style decor and details to fully immerse any fan into another dimension.

The BBC partnership also means current Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker is on hand to with hints and tips along the way via the intercom.

The unveiling of the Doctor Who-themed room is the latest in a number of escape challenges set up at the Westgate site.

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Escape Hunt Oxford now boasts a total of four different escape room challenges, the others being Blackbeard’s Treasure, The Fourth Samurai and Escape The Wild West.

Escape Hunt, which has 250 branches worldwide across six continents, first opened its site in the Westgate in October.

The Doctor Who-themed room opened on February 8 and is the third room of its kind to be launched alongside one in Bristol and Leeds.

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Escape Hunt will also open in Manchester next week, plus Reading and Birmingham next month.

Tickets for the Oxford experience cost £33 per person for groups of three players.

For groups of four to six players, the price drops to £30 a person.

For tickets or for more information on how to book go to escapehunt.com/DoctorWho