A MEMORIAL space for parents to remember and pay tribute their babies has been 're-dedicated' in a touching ceremony.

Oxfordshire Sands (stillbirth and

neonatal death charity) held the 're-dedication' ceremony at the memorial garden in Headington ceremony on Wednesday, February 13.

The occasion followed recent refurbishment works carried out on the space which resulted in a number of memorial stones being moved.

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The Oxford Mail reported of some families upset in having their children's tributes moved.

Following Wednesday's tribute, the Sands charity team said it is hoped the garden will continue to be a focus that is helpful for bereaved parents.

Karen Hancox of Oxfordshire Sands added: "We all recognise an important part of the grieving and healing process is to acknowledge the loss of a baby.

"It is hoped that the garden will be a place of peace and tranquility; reflection and remembrance; stillness, hope and love."