OXFORD is now home to the the UK's loudest yeller.

Dyson firmware engineer, Lucian Ghimpu, yelled as loud as a jack hammer and a motorcycle engine at a nationwide yelling competition he entered on Monday at Westgate Centre.

The competition, which was hosted by digital marketing service Yell.com, challenged people to yell different types of small businesses as loudly as they could in a specially designed booth.

Travelling more than 9,000 miles across the UK, the booth visited 20 different locations and more than 10,000 British residents took part.

Mr Ghimpu's reading showed that when he yelled, his voice was 95.64 decibels.

The 30-year-old said: "When I was a kid I was living in a block and I couldn't reach the doorbell and was too young to be trusted with a key. Every time I was coming home I would yell 'Mamaaa open the door.'

"That was happening multiple times a day. The whole block knew me as the yelling kid. Maybe that's the reason why I am a strong yeller or maybe not, but it was nice to have this retrospective into my early childhood."

The father of two entered the competition not expecting to win but his friends were not surprised by his victory.

He said: "It was a cool thing to do. I’m glad I got the chance to test just how loud I can be and to win is pretty awesome."

The tour of the booth marked the final delivery of the Yellow Pages.