THE landlord of an East Oxford pub has hit back at complaints over noise from events in the building's garden.

Barry Davies, who runs the Black Swan off Cowley Road, has faced a slew of criticism following his submission of a retrospective planning application to Oxford City Council for a timber outdoor shelter first put up in 2016.

Residents on nearby streets, as well as ward councillor Craig Simmons, have accused the pub of being a 'nuisance' with loud music making homes 'uninhabitable'.

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Mr Davies said: “I am just trying to go about things the right way. Technically we could have a temporary stage for 28 days, which would cover our St Patrick’s Day event and the Cowley Road Carnival as well a few other events if it's a hot summer like last year.”

He added: “At most we have six events each year and I always put in for a licence and make sure everything is finished by 10.30pm. I don’t understand why people are singling out the Black Swan when there are lots of pubs along and off Cowley Road that cause far more noise.”


But Eddie Marsh, who lives on Bullingdon Road, in an online objection accused the pub of 'attracting undesirables' from outside the area, adding: "I’m not aware of any local people who frequent it. It’s a nuisance at the best of times when the doors and windows are closed. But frequently they put loud speakers outside which makes my house uninhabitable."

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He added: “I would support a pub that had a true purpose and was an asset to our community; unfortunately this one doesn’t.”

Another resident, from Crown Street, also commented: “The disturbance, property damage and noise already created by the Black Swan are already causing significant and chronic negative affects on the local community and neighbours."


This aerial view shows how the Black Swan, just left of centre, backs onto several rows of houses.

Mr Simmons in his formal objection said he had received 'many complaints' from residents, adding: “The poorly constructed, visually intrusive structure has been used since 2016 as a live performance stage - despite clear guidance being given at the time of the original application that use as a performance stage would not be permitted." He added if the 'unsuitable' structure was allowed to remain it would lead to 'continued noise and nuisance'.

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Mr Simmons concluded he had 'no hesitation' calling for the application to be rejected.

Mr Davies, however, who has been landlord of the Crown Street pub for four years, said a certain amount of noise was to be expected from living near a pub, explaining: “If you buy a house by a railway station you can’t complain about trains, it’s the same with a pub you should be fundamentally aware of that.”

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