CALLS are growing for action to be taken on 'pavement parking' after a number of drivers were 'shamed' online for obstructing other road users.

A string of Twitter posts have recently taken aim at cars and vans pictured straddling the pavement, restricting the space for pedestrians to get past and often blocking off cycle lanes - see the pictures HERE

But car drivers have begun to hit back with their own pictures of poorly parked bicycles and pavement cyclists.

Campaign group Cyclox has started a competition to find the 'most useless cycle lane in Oxford', in light of the complaints raised.

It said St Clements was in the lead so far.

Twitter user Marten Veldthuis said he counted six cars parked over 250m of cycle lane and zigzag lines on this road last week.

Others have chimed in with Joram van Rheede nominating Barns Road in Cowley, which he described as 'the worst' he has seen in 10 years of cycling in the city.

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He added: "There are lots of little islands to separate the cycle path from the road, and people literally use the full cycle path to the left of them to park so you have to veer all the way out into the road."

Hanna Nowicka said a combination of delivery lorries, constructions sites and an uneven road surface made South Parks Road the worst.

The narrowness of the lane in Warneford Lane, near South Park, means cyclists are susceptible to being knocked off by car doors opening, according to other commenters.

Several vehicles have been pictured on The Plain where double yellow lines are in place.

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Meanwhile Mariolina Salio has repeatedly pictured a white van parked across the cycle lane in London Road, near to the petrol station in Headington.

The culprit was seen in the same spot for much of last week and then returned again yesterday.

But others have pointed out that cyclists also cause problems for pedestrians, particularly by riding on the pavement.

While others have shared pictures of erratic parking which would block off much of the pavement for pushchairs and wheelchair users.

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