A PAIR of barbecue enthusiasts from Oxford have transformed an American 1952 Ford F1 pick up into a mobile food truck and are already fully booked for the summer festival season.

Thomas Trinder, who officially launched Burnout BBQ with partner Malcolm Moore last month, said: “It’s something we’ve wanted to do for four years now and we rebuilt the truck from scratch with that in mind.

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“We love barbecue and cars so it seemed like a perfect fit.There’s also nothing like it out there. Some people use campervans but this is unique."

The 33-year-old explained the truck was ‘sort of like a transformer’ with the back able to be pulled out and extended to turn into a full barbecue.


A marquee is also added to shelter customers as they are served.

Food on offer includes all the traditional American barbecue classics; with ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork, gourmet burgers and sausages, mac 'n' cheese, barbecue pit beans, slaw and tacos on the current menu.

So far only family and friends have tried out food cooked via the specially-adapted truck but the duo have already secured a five-star hygiene rating from Oxford City Council’s health team.

Mr Trinder, who also runs Oxo's cafe in Islip Road, said: "The inspector had never seen anything like it and she wanted to take pictures."

He added: “It is so important these days to have a five-star food hygiene rating because it is the first thing many people look at when choosing where to eat."

The business officially launched at the beginning of January and Mr Trinder said it had been 'absolutely crazy' since then.

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He added: "People seem to really like the truck and we are already fully booked for summer festivals and events.”

The biggest name on the roster so far is Reading Festival and Mr Trinder admitted it was his 'biggest fear'.

He explained: "There's a lot people there to serve so we need to make sure everything is running right. We'll do lots of practice runs before then though and so far it has worked really well."

He added the pair were keen to also cater private events, with weddings and parties a key target going forward.

Anyone who is interested can contact Burnout BBQ via its Facebook page.

It will also include details about where the distinctive black Ford will be popping up throughout the summer, with the first event a car show on May 19 near Henley.