A FAMILIAR Oxford landmark is seen from a new perspective in this week's worthy 'architecture' winner.

Camera Club member Bob Weatherhead captured the Radcliffe Camera in a puddle off Brasenose Lane.

It was by no means the only photograph of the historic building we received this week with panoramic shots and night snaps showcasing the spectacular 18th century library.

Mr Weatherhead's image stood out though for it unusual upside down viewpoint.

We also love the amount of detail in the reflection, with almost the entire building able to be seen in the small body of water.

Sharing the picture on the Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page earlier this week, Mr Weatherhead wrote: "Friday's sudden downpour wasn't all bad!"

Bryan Robertson commended the 'super shot' adding he 'loved' the leaf in the puddle.

We agree, the tiny bit of nature along with the cobbles at the edge of the water highlighting the combination of crystal clear image with the reality of it being a puddle mirror image.

Next week's theme is Christmas.

A double-page spread of our festive favourites will appear in Friday's paper, with the winner announced the following day.

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Happy snapping!