THE SENTENCING of a 'fanatical' neo-Nazi couple, who named their baby son after Hitler, opened yesterday.

Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, who jurors were told at their trial had named their baby Adolf in 'admiration' of Hitler, were found guilty after a seven-week trial.

The pair are two of six defendants facing charges relating to being members of a terrorist group.

During the case at Birmingham Crown Court, the court heard how searches by counter-terrorism police of the couple’s home in Waltham Gardens, Banbury, discovered Swastika scatter cushions and a pastry-cutter shaped like the Nazi party symbol.

Photographs recovered from electronic devices showed Thomas cradling his newborn son while wearing the hooded white robes of a Ku Klux Klansman.

In conversation with another National Action member, Patatas said “all Jews must be put to death”, while Thomas had once told his partner he “found that all non-whites are intolerable”.

Former Amazon security guard Thomas and Patatas, a wedding photographer originally from Portugal, were convicted of membership of a terrorist group.

Thomas, a twice-failed Army applicant, was also convicted on a majority verdict of having a terrorist manual.

The pair will be sentenced, alongside the four other defendants, in the hearing expected to conclude on Monday, with each defendant facing up to 10 years in jail.