ANOTHER taxi-hailing app has been launched by an Oxford-based start-up.

Eurekar has created the app to allow people to book licensed taxi drivers through their smartphone.

The app allows people to pay using a card, business account or cash as well as see an estimate of the cost before ordering and review their driver at the end of the journey.

After launching in Oxford, it aims to expand nationwide.

The company is offering trips starting at £4 and airport transfers from £65.

Marketing spokesperson for Eurekar, Amy Jordan, said: “Many people in Oxford rely on taxis to get around and so we want to make the process easier and more affordable for everyone including the business community.

"We also want to offer a service that ensures drivers are offered more flexibility and more control over their earning potential.

"We aim to ensure drivers are treated well because we believe treating drivers fairly will ensure a good service for riders, which can only make the company a success.”

Many of the major taxi companies in the city already have their own bespoke apps while MyTaxi - connecting app-users to black cab drivers - launched over the summer.