A POPULAR sushi restaurant and takeaway has received another poor food hygiene score after inspectors found bacteria risks from how raw fish and rice was being stored.

Sushi Corner was given a two-star rating when Oxford City Council's health team visited the Cowley Road eatery at the end of October.

Concerns were raised that temperature controls for sushi rice and raw fish were not being followed and management did not have a proper plan in place for staff.

The report stated: “Currently, sushi rice in being kept out of temperature control too long.

"Cooked rice for sushi must be cooled rapidly and then be kept at a safe temperature. Either: Ensure that sushi rice is kept below 8C or use the ‘four hour’ rule where food can be out of temperature control for one period of four hours. After the four hours, the food must be thrown away or kept in the fridge."

The report went on to say a vinegar/sugar solution being used to 'inhibit bacterial growth' could not be relied upon.

It urged the restaurant to use a pH meter to ensure the level stayed within safe limits.

The report explained: "This is significant as this will mean bacteria such as Bacillus cereus will not be able to grow.”

Bacillus cereus can cause diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.

There was also criticism of the storage of fish, with the document adding: “Fish such as salmon and seabass used for sashimi is delivered fresh and you are freezing it in house to kill parasites.

"Parasites can be killed by freezing fish at -20C for at least 24 hours, or -35C for at least 15 hours. You must set up a safe method as part of your food safety management system for undertaking the freezing process and for dating and labelling fish you put in the freezer."

It added raw breaded chicken being stored in the same freezer as the sashimi fish, which is served raw, posed a 'risk of cross contamination'.

Inspectors said temperature monitoring records were not being kept properly and staff could not demonstrate the required food safety knowledge.

It comes a year after the business received a one-star rating, with many of the same concerns over food storage temperatures raised along with the business also being criticised for being dirty and filled with cobwebs.

The restaurant was contacted but did not respond.

Despite the problems the restaurant and takeaway maintains its high score on the review website Trip Advisor – with a four star average. Customers praised generous portions, quick delivery times and flavourful food.