RESIDENTS could be harbouring forensic evidence relating to suspected thefts in Botley.

Police have urged people in the area to ring police if they think their outbuildings or vehicles have been 'tampered with' overnight.

The message was circulated by a police sergeant after a suspect was arrested early this morning, on suspicion of theft from vehicle on Hurst Rise Road.

It said police dog trackers had sniffed out a trail through nearby gardens and officers then found several more unlocked vehicles.

The full message stated: "This morning police have arrested a suspect on suspicion of theft from motor vehicle on Hurst Rise Road, Botley.

"A dog unit has indicated a track into a number of other nearby gardens and we have found a number of insecure vehicles.

"Please check the security of your outbuildings and vehicles.

"If you think your property has been tampered with tonight please avoid touching areas with forensic potential and phone 101 quoting URN 57 27th November 2018."