JURORS in a murder trial have been shown a number of weapons used to ‘hack and beat’ a man to death in a Blackbird Leys alleyway.

Jason Needham, 27, of Kingsland Court, Luton, denies murdering 27-year-old Christopher Lemonius who was attacked outside a house at Jourdain Road on June 1 last year.

At Oxford Crown Court today various items seized from the scene during the subsequent police investigation were shown to the court.

Jurors were shown a broken piece of a golf club, a weapon used by a gang – of which Needham was allegedly a member – in the attack on Mr Lemonius.

The court went on to see various other items found at the murder scene as well as well as photographs taken from the scene and the surrounding area by police investigators.

Jurors were told that a bandana which contained Mr Lemonius’s blood was discovered as well as a Puma hooded top.

Other items which had Mr Lemonius’s blood on them, the court heard, included various pieces of wood and parts of a broken golf club.

DNA matches for a number of other men previously convicted in relation to the murder were also found, the court heard, including that of Otman Lamzini and Carlos Spencer.

Jurors also heard a recorded phone call made by one of the men asking for a taxi from the George pub in Littlemore, in which background voices seem to discuss blood being found on a jumper. The trial continues.